Leap - The Most Advanced Super Wallet for Cosmos Blockchains

Introducing Leap Wallet

Over the past year, Leap has built one of the most advanced and user-friendly wallets for Cosmos Hub & 50+ other Cosmos SDK chains. Whether you are a seasoned Cosmonaut or completely new to the interchain, Leap has something for you.

Leap Wallet is an advanced Super Wallet for the interchain, with a host of features to let users make the most of their interchain journey. Across the 50+ Cosmos SDK chains we natively support, users can manage their assets securely & seamlessly; easily perform in-wallet staking, IBC swaps & transfers, participate in governance, manage their NFT collections, claim airdrops and much more; all with intuitive everyday features like accurate currency conversions, push notifications, and detailed transaction history.

You can get Leap Wallet as an iOS or Android mobile app; as a browser extension on Chrome, Edge or Brave. And you can even use our web-based Leapboard â€” with any interchain wallet — for a more focused & detail-rich dashboard experience. And with our Snaps integration, even MetaMask users can manage their interchain-native assets with ease.

We’re a team of builders who want to make the interchain easier to navigate. We started building on the interchain in July 2022, and in less than a year we have over 300k users across our product suite. And best of all, we recently went fully open-source! The codebase can be viewed, criticized, and reviewed by anyone.

In this post, we will dive into Leap’s features and what sets it apart from other wallet options in the interchain

Portfolio Management

The most important thing for any wallet user is knowing what assets they hold. With Leap’s home page, this information is readily available!

Users can quickly get a high-level overview of their portfolio distribution, categorized across holdings, staking, & DeFi.

Users can also effortlessly monitor all the assets in their wallet, complete with real-time dollar values. The performance of each asset can be tracked in detail.

IBC Transfers & In-wallet Swaps

We prioritize an intuitive experience, and this is most evident when making IBC transfers. We’ve abstracted channel IDs, making it easier for users to send assets.

All a user needs to do is enter the address & the amount. We match the address to the right chain, and set-up the transfer through the right channel ID.

Similarly, swapping interchain tokens and bridging funds from other ecosystems like Ethereum is just a matter of a few clicks and can be done right within our wallet interface.

dApp Browser

The interchain is teeming with dApps, but users don’t have a way to access many of these on their mobile. Leap’s dApp browser lets users explore & interact with dApps right from their wallet app!

Our user-friendly mobile browser allows users to permissionlessly connect with any dApp on the interchain.

With dApp Search, users can just type in a dApp’s name, and be securely redirected to the dApp. Searching for a chain brings up a list of the top dApps, making it easier to discover new ones.

Users can also bookmark their favorite dApps for easier access!

Participate in Governance

The interchain thrives on community participation through governance, and it is crucial that voters be aware of the power they hold. We want Leap users to be well-informed, active participants pushing the interchain forward.

With in-wallet governance, users can browse through all active and past proposals. Governance notifications inform users of new proposals and voting deadlines.

We’ve integrated ChatGPT-powered summaries to give a concise & accurate breakdown for long governance proposals, allowing users to vote better.

Stake on the Cosmos Hub & 50+ other chains

Leap’s in-wallet staking solution is designed to ease the staking process for users and strengthen the network.

We randomize the list of validators every time you want to stake, ensuring that your staking efforts contribute to the decentralization and network security of the 50+ Cosmos SDK chains we support, and especially the Cosmos Hub and AEZ chains.

Claiming rewards from all AEZ chains can be done through one single click!

NFT Gallery

With the in-wallet NFT gallery, our goal is to have everyone show off their NFTs in style!

Users can view NFTs across all chains in a single view, and quickly check out the details for each.

We’ve also made it easy to browse and categorize NFTs, with

Users can personalize their wallet by setting any NFT as the wallet PFP!

Push Notifications

Information is power, and with Leap’s instant mobile alerts, we put the power right in the user's hands.

Instant notifications allow Leap users to stay aware of all wallet activity, with alerts for:

Soon, we’ll also send alerts for

We also send alerts from across the ecosystem, bringing you the best of the interchain dApps, drops, NFTs, and more…


Leap is a non-custodial wallet, and we have no access to the keys that control users’ funds. Our codebase has been audited by reputed security firms like Halborn, Sayfer, & SCV. All security reports can be read here.

We also place great emphasis on building new features to keep users protected & safe.

For example, our improved AuthZ transaction signing experience alerts users whenever authorization grants are happening in a transaction. This allows users to double-check any transaction they might be doing.

Connect to Ledger Live on Extension

For an additional layer of security, users can connect their Ledger hardware wallet to Leap.

Users can either create a new hot wallet, or connect their Ledger directly. The process is smooth, safe, and secure — combining the extra security of hardware devices with the convenience & intuitiveness of the Leap experience.

Very soon, you’ll be able to connect your Ledger to Leap through Bluetooth on mobile as well!

Looking forward!

Everything you just read was developed and shipped in just the past ~18 months.

In the coming months, we’ll be pushing out some major upgrades to our product suite. With these upgrades, we’re putting the user at the center of everything! Chain agnostic views, easy discovery of DeFi opportunities, simplified onboarding, and more are in the works.

We’re dedicated to constantly improving and building the best wallet experience for the interchain. You can quickly drop us a DM on Twitter, we’re always open to discussing new ideas and feedback!

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